Monrovia Estate Sale! Super Fun “Wild” 60’s and 70’s Galore!

Monrovia Estate Sale! Super Fun “Wild” 60’s and 70’s Galore!

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What a fun, fun sale! A Time Capsule from the 60’s and 70’s… and more!

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Date: Saturday, June 29th (9am to 3pm) and Sunday, June 30th (9am to 2pm)

Address: 344 East Hillcrest Blvd
Monrovia, CA 91016

Monrovia Estate Sale Google Map Link

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Take a fun ride back to the wild 60’s-70’s in this true time capsule of a home.

The home has been in the family since they built it back in 1960. They decorated the home during that period and never saw the need to change its classic look and style. It remains pretty much as it was then, authentic to its time and place. Of course they added to the mix over the years and so the place is chock-a-block full of a lifetime of style evolution and decorating layers.

All this makes for a great and super fun sale for those looking for the cool, the funky, the unique and of course the style of the 60’s and 70’s. (And with the growing popularity of that era and its “vibe” there are plenty of you out there!)

The closets have a good bit of pretty cool vintage clothing from different periods–one closet is just leather jackets alone! We continue to dig through the layers and are uncovering and discovering all sorts of fun, weird, and interesting stuff at every turn. 

And that is just the house!!! The garage is a real guy’s wonderland of tools , equipment, and “then some” all stuffed into this space. The owner was a plumber and handyman for 70 years, and so you can expect to find some great tools, gadgets, lots of power tools, and other useful items. (As we “excavate” the garage we are finding plumbing supplies, welding gear, several dozen pairs of size 14 mens shoes (pretty new condition), project leather, Christmas decorations and on and on…                    

There is A LOT… we have unearthed 3 tubs of LP records, a nice Yamaha keyboard piano, loads of vintage lamps and lighting, a super selection of wall art and paintings, countless coffee mugs (you could supply a restaurant!) and more stuff than we could possibly list.

Really and truly, this will be a fun sale, with plenty of digging going on in the garage and backyard. We repeat…fun, fun and more fun!

Sale starts at 9 am Saturday morning. Be sure to come early for the best selection and then come back on Sunday for SUPER DEALS!!! 

Also, I will be putting out a list the day before for first entry rights. Feel free to call or text me with any questions!

Need more images? We have a few below but you can view plenty more by following this link:

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