Whether it is fine art and antiques or general household goods and furnishings–or even a barn deep with tools–you don't want to trust your estate sale liquidation to an inexperienced team.

With over 2 decades of estate sales and deep knowledge of antiques, fine art, collectibles and other valuable items, we are the professionals. 

And, our expertise is not limited to high-end items. We have helped clear homes and businesses of every type of goods you could imagine.

We take pride in our communication and care. As a family owned and run business, we take responsibility for every phase of your estate sale–from initial setup to final “broom” clean, we are there for you.

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your estate sale & liquidation
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 It can be an overwhelming prospect, whether downsizing or handling a family estate. Our consultation is not a sales visit. It is a guiding process to help you understand your options and to help you to make it through that life event, as stress-free as possible!

In most cases, we are brought in to clear an estate by a deadline, such as a house sale. And so it is our goal to balance time deadlines against a maximal return.

During this time we will answer all your questions and concerns, arrive at an estimate of overall value, and evaluate the feasibility and logistics of a possible sale. 

We will also explain our policies and cover the pricing of our services.

And we take care to ensure that you understand how the process works, so that you are prepared.

For your protection and peace of mind, all of our services are laid out in a written contract, so you can clearly understand what you are getting and what to expect.


After 20 years, we are experienced pros at this stage of the process. It is a massive task to sort and comb through an entire home; organizing the goods, evaluating their worth, and then placing it all in order so it can be sold, achieving its maximum value.

We have often dealt with family estates of 5 decades and longer. We always take care to put aside any family papers, photos, mementos, and personal family history items we may find for the family, as desired.

In particular, our team is trained to spot or recognize items of special value. That’s where our 30 years of antique and fine art experience comes in to play. It is so important to ensure that these items are properly evaluated, handled properly, and sold for maximum value.

Also, most importantly, we have built up a network of customers–including dealers, specialty buyers and other niche customers–and draw them to your sale.

We do this by having an extensive contact list of loyal customers, as well as a system of online advertising to target buyers to your sale.

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Sale/clean out

From the beginning, we are looking at the best ways to maximize the value of your sale.

These options include our network of dealers, specialty buyers, preferred customers, as well as the general public.

We have a team of experienced and trusted staff for every sale. In particular, on the the days of the main public sale, we provide adequate and proven sales staff (for any sized sale) to ensure that we have appropriate coverage and security.

Finally, depending on our contract with you, we normally will clear the home of any remaining items and property, including trash and incidentals, to get it cleared “to the walls”.

And importantly, we also take the time to donate and re-purpose as much of any remaining items as we possibly can.

At the end of the day, our job and duty is to assist our clients to retain the maximum value from their goods balanced against the factor of a speedy liquidation… at a minimal of stress to you!

our expertise

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extensive professional history

We have over 20 years of professional estate liquidations experience. Adding to that, we have over 30 years as experienced  fine art and antiques dealers, and Susan is a professional real estate agent. Our background provides not only extensive personal expertise but a vast network of other professionals as well, to draw upon as needed.

proven expertise and background

Over the years, we have successfully liquidated a huge number of estates. We have dealt with everything from mansions to cottages, barns and ranch properties, and even antique store liquidations!  We are able to do this due to our many years of experience, the trust we have earned from our clients, and the pride we take in doing a thorough job–no matter what the situation.

high organizational and communication skills

Dealing with decades of possessions, coordinating sales, team members, properly organizing and evaluating goods, keeping good control on the public attending the sales and even helping to guide through the emotional experience of liquidating an estate. These all require a calm, steady hand along with top communication and organizational skills. We bring these to the table to ensure a successful and rewarding estate sale.

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