Fontana Mega Crafters Estate Sale

Fontana Mega Crafters Estate Sale

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Mega Estate Sale

Huge Crafting Selection and Unique Finds!

7139 Kaiser Ave,
Fontana, CA 92336

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fontana, estate sale, antiques, liquidation, crafting supplies, vander molen estate salesThis is a crazy, fun, huge monster sale, one of our biggest selections yet. Unique items, antiques and loads of crafting related goods. A diggers paradise!

We are back in full force with one of the biggest assortments and selections of weird, fun, crazy, and massive amounts of stuff that I have ever seen. We have been at it for a couple weeks, just opening and sorting and prepping… and there is a paradise of digging for cool stuff that you may never find again.

This sale in Fontana is well worth the trip for anyone looking for the unusual and unique, especially those of you interested in the world of crafting, hobby, artistic, and everything else, including the kitchen sink!! 

No exaggeration on the size and extent of this sale, we have been digging through hundreds of boxes of crafting supplies of all sorts-by FAR the biggest selection I have had to deal with in 20 years.

There is the garage which is full from floor to ceiling, with vintage tools, nifty goodies, digger finds–this rustic garage alone, is a wonderland of exploration!

The house has all sorts of different crafting rooms, full of supplies, art projects, all types of cloth material, lace, borders, tools, clay molding, feathers, beads, bins of what nots, thread, and more and more…

fontana, estate sale, antiques, crafting supplies, vander molen estate salesCheck this out: Estate Sale Mystery “Pod”

We haven’t even cracked this treasure trove in the driveway, we call it the POD OF PROMISE!

We are just beginning to dig into this 20 ft pod that is PACKED full with all manner of things, that we have yet to discover. Very exciting stuff to be sure.

But what fun, this client had a weird and fun sense of humor in what she collected up, so the weird, fun, and unusual will be all over the place.

And there is plenty of awesome stuff for everyone, the non-crafters are going to have a blast digging in as well.

Trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed and make sure that you put this sale on your calendar as the one to come to the first weekend in February. 

EstateSales.Net Fontana California Estate Sale

Doors open at 9 AM Saturday morning. I will put out a list the day before-and I suggest you take a photo of the list if you come out early to sign up. People have been taking my entrance lists as of late… 

We will be selling as much as possible, so prices and bulk deals will be happening. I can assure you that we are here to clear the place and…  Everything Is Priced to Sell!!