Mega-Fun Monster Huge Pasadena Estate Sale!

Mega-Fun Monster Huge Pasadena Estate Sale!

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Really Huge Pasadena Estate Sale… Long-Term Family Vintage Home!!

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Wow, just in time for the holidays… a mega, monster sale, yup, this one is huge.

South Madison is in one of Pasadena’s finer and older neighborhoods and the family lived in this large, vintage home for a very long time, collecting and filling the home to the rafters. Now the time has come to clean it out, clear the decks and sell it all! This is a really big, 6-bedroom home with a 4-car garage in back, plus a large rec room to boot!

The home is just loaded with all sorts of odds and ends, weird stuff, cool stuff, good stuff, collectible goodies, books, paintings… the list just goes on and on. We have been digging through and sorting for this big sale, and there is so much that we will be doing that until the last minutes.

But we have posted pictures of what we have found so far, but there will be plenty more that we did not have the chance to post, so you will have to come and explore.

estate sale, pasadena, model car, vander molen estate salesAs a tease, we have discovered some vintage USC items, great 60’s cool stuff plus a pretty big stamp collection. Tons of Top quality die-cast cars, models, pictures and wall art, vintage furniture, lamps, tiger related stuff, a lot more USC memorabilia (mostly from the 1970’s), books, paper memorabilia and photos, and loads more–we aren’t even going to try to list it here as the email would be too big for your inbox.

So put it on your calendar! As we have been going through this huge home, we continue to find lots of surprises and you will too.

Check out the pictures we have up so far on this sale-lots of goodies for everyone!

And of course…  Everything Is Priced to Sell!!


If you have been to our sales before then you know that we always have fun sales, items are well marked, we are there to help and you will always be surprised with what you find.

Visit this link for more information and pictures:

MAP LINK: Located at 655 South Madison, Pasadena, CA 91106