Glendora Historic Barn Estate Sale Loads of Vintage Goods

Glendora Historic Barn Estate Sale Loads of Vintage Goods

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Explore and Discover! Massive Collection of Vintage Goods in this 1885 Barn, Historic Property.

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Date: Saturday, July 6th (9am to 3pm) and Sunday, July 7th (9am to 2pm)

Address: 1068 Milton Drive
Glendora, CA 91741

Glendora Estate Sale Google Map Link

Glendora, Historic Barn, Estate Sale

This is exciting as we return with the very much anticipated opening of the “Barn of Wonders”

Those that attending our Glendora historic home estate sale back in June saw the big, huge barn–built back in 1885. There were plenty of you that were itching to get in there and explore and now we are back with the second half of our historic property sale in Glendora.

I have been calling this the “Barn of Wonders” as it is so loaded with all things old, cool, vintage and of course our favorite: “crusty rusty and dusty.” We have uncovered loads of historic paper, magazines, old toys, furniture, cameras, radios, projectors, amazing and weird tools, horse equipment,  printing equipment,  electrical supplies, and everything ancient and old. You won’t be disappointed! 

We have uploaded lots and lots of pictures (check the link to below) and keep it mind that it is a big barn so we may not be able to get pictures of it all. For diggers and vintage lovers, this is a one-of-a-kind sale to attend.

As we work our way through the mountains of items that have amassed over the years, we continue to find all manner of cool and unusual things–we are talking literal tons of great old weird stuff. We have a massive collection of historic paper and photos, stacks of unusual old magazines (some that I have never encounter in my years of holding estate sales), really, there are magazines on just about everything.

To date, we have found THREE old accordians (including a vintage Scandalli in near mint condition), radio tubes, a nice assortment of Betty Boop dolls and linocuts of Disney characters and other animation. Looking for tools and gear? There are pulleys and tackle, harnesses, car jacks, printing antiques, dictaphones, door hardware, old trunks, an Ampro 10 sound projector, other old tape machines, large logging saws, old electrical devises, old car parts, put-put engines, farm implements, dolls, old doors, oil cans, old projectors, couple of old army gas masks, and just a crazy assortment of tools, hardware, gear, machines and sundry other equipment

Everything will be sold this weekend, so we will be aggressively pricing it all to sell. Make a pile, and we will price it all out for you. If you have been to my sales, these crazy “digger delights” are a lot of fun!  We always have a good time and our customers seem to enjoy themselves as they keep coming back for more!!

So we hope that you will come on by and treasure hunt!  Trust me, this one is guaranteed to not disappoint in the least.  Feel free to text me with any questions about the sale. We will be putting out a list the day before for first entry(at noon). Come on by !

Glendora Historic Barn Estate Sale Info

Here are some images but check the link above for more!