Super Duper Diggers Alhambra Estate Sale

Super Duper Diggers Alhambra Estate Sale

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Super Alhambra Estate Sale, 60+ Years of Stuff… A Digger’s Paradise!

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Fun Digger’s Delight Alhambra Estate Sale

Date: Saturday, March 9th 9am to 3pm

Date: Sunday, March 10th 9am to 2pm

Address: 2236 South Campbell Ave
Alhambra, CA 91803

Alhambra Estate Sale Google Map Link


Alhambra, estate sale, goods for saleWhew!!! Here is our lucky number 7 sale! I think that is the most we have ever done in a row… and we have another great one coming up next weekend as well.

Our sale out by Riverside last week was a fun blow-out sale of newer stuff and now we are shifting gears to one of the best, deepest digger sales we have done in a long time.

No kidding, this is a real digger’s paradise. This home of 60 years is jam packed with a wild menagerie of country antiques and collectibles, a garage worthy of the title “Crusty, Rusty, and Dusty” where we seriously had no idea how much stuff was gonna come out of this thing. (Trust me, it was a lot of stuff that came out!)

For fun, I posted some of the before pictures of this home, before we had a chance to organize, sort and weed out the vast quantities that we had to deal with. So enjoy the pictures of chaos and then put this sale on your calendar for this weekend, when we will work to SELL IT ALL! 

Now that we have it all under control… pretty much… we can say that there are huge quantities of country collectibles, decorator items, furniture, wall art, home made country art pieces, and a very large mix of fun and quirky stuff to be discovered, dug thru and purchased. 

Just so much, a nice selection of hand stitched linens, tons of good books and the garage alone is worth the trip–full of tools, odds and ends, lamps….cute country stuff everywhere!

Rain or shine, we are selling it all at our TWO DAY sale in Alhambra. Doors open at 9 am….feel free to give me a call for any info on the sale. You will find us friendly and helpful as always. I will set out a list the day before for first time entry sign up. 

For more information follow this link: Alhambra California Estate Sale