Fun and Cool Pasadena Estate Sale–Fabulous Collection of Herend Ceramics!

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Exciting, Cool and Diverse Pasadena Estate Sale

Pasadena, Estate Sale, Herend Ceramics

Dates: Saturday April 9th (9am till 3pm) and Sunday April 10th (9am till 2pm)

Address: 248 East Bellvue Dr Pasadena, CA 91101

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Pasadena, Estate Sale, Herend Ceramics Bears

What a fun sale do we have in store for you this week at this unique Pasadena home.

You could call this the “all over the map” sale as it covers multiple genres, passes through time periods from the 30’s to the 80’s (and then some) as well as covers objects of art, furniture and decorative pieces from all over the globe… Asian furniture to Hungarian ceramics to Italian art, we have it all!

Showcasing this sale is a magnificent collection of Herend Hungarian, there are dozens of fine works and pieces. It is doubtful you will ever find such a unique and extensive collection of this highly regarded ceramic art.

For you MCM fans, there are a number of super cool mid-century lamps and even a furniture piece or two–and beyond that style period, the home is full of fun and funky 70’s and 80’s furniture.

Check out the 80’s black leather furniture, brass tables, a massive brass king-sized bed, another cool 70’s era bedroom collection, a unique 70’s kitchenette set that makes a real style statement. From there, you can check out the very impressive black lacquer and mother-of-pearl Asian furniture, it is quite amazing in craftsmanship and guaranteed to make an impression.

And of course, some lovely fine art and wall art. We have a nice collection of traditional Hungarian fine oil painting as well as one huge, and majestic, Baroque painting. This work is a copy of a 16th century master, by Lodovico Cardi that likely stems from the 1890’s. It is a faithful and accomplished copy that would hold its own in many art collections. 

This is definitely a sale you won’t want to miss. The doors open at 9 am on Saturday morning. 

(No price requests on the Herend Pottery…probably  won’t  remember them all!)

Please feel free to text me with any question you may have regarding this wonderful estate…I am happy to help.

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