Fun and Funky Monrovia Estate Sale June 16th and 17th

Fun and Funky Monrovia Estate Sale June 16th and 17th

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Monrovia Estate Sale, Vander Molen Estate SalesMonrovia Estate Sale! It’s fun, eclectic, primitive, crusty and cool!

161 Mayflower, Monrovia, CA 91016

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estate sale, monrovia, stuffed fishThis is guaranteed to be a fun sale with loads and loads of unique, cool items that cover the gamut of estate sales treasure finds. 

Best described as lots of interesting, primitive, cool and crusty! While we often have books at our sales, we don’t often have as many interesting ones as we found here, they are VERY interesting, both old and newer, and the selection is huge.

Looking for a great selection of paintable old furniture that is priced to sell, well we have got it for you!  

Our Monrovia Estate Sale Just Keeps Growing!

We are flat out on digging through and setting up this fun estate in Monrovia… and it is a non-stop finding expedition. The garage is stuffed with stuff, just far, far too much to describe but it is plenty to satisfy the most jaded of diggers.
Lots of weird odds and ends, crazy amount of books, most of them vintage, old, weird, and a ton of antique religious books too!

monrovia estate sale, vintage sixties clothing, vander molen estate salesA really selection of women’s vintage clothes-circa 1960’s and 70’s. Fun fun stuff-my take on it is “Marlo Thomas goes to IOWA!”  Huge selection, so thats a plus!

There are two old vintage stoves, sought for items and we are selling them for cheap!  And check out that set of 50’s Buick hubcaps you have been looking for, we have got them. There is wall art, old steamer trunks of all sizes and a great selection of old doors as well, probably a dozen of them!

garage sale, monrovia estate sale, vander molen fine artAll of this makes it worthwhile to come on by for some weekend treasure hunting-have some fun, do some digging throughout the property, and go away with a fun time and some treasures! 

Doors open at 9 AM on Saturday morning and we plan to sell as much as possible, so prices will be super! I WILL BE PUTTING OUT A LIST THE DAY BEFORE THE SALE FOR FIRST ENTRANCE.

Then again, on Sunday morning at 9AM until 2PM.

I can assure you that we are here to clear the place and…  Everything Is Priced to Sell!!

WE want to sell it all, which, if you have been to my sales, we take seriously. Come on by and have some fun!! We are a friendly liquidation company! I will put out a courtesy first entrance list the day before. Please do not take it!! Call or email me with any questions! Ron