old watch, antique, estate saleEstate and liquidation sales are almost always triggered by a significant life event such as a divorce, death, downsizing or dissolution of a business. Even in the simplest of sales there are complications but these generally come down to the balancing of two factors: maximum value achieved against a minimum of time.

Accomplishing a successful sale requires having  the knowledge and expertise to value, price and sell a wide variety of the valuables and collections, jewelry, fine art, furniture, and everything else associated with the liquidation of your estate.

knight helmut, suit of armor, estate sale, antiques, collectiblesWith over 15 years of experience organizing and conducting all types of estate liquidations, we can offer a level of service and professionalism that will give our clients the peace of mind knowing that their estate was handled with the utmost care, and achieve the highest value for their possessions.

We keep your best interest at heart, so while we take care to maximize the value of the estate, we remain sensitive to the family needs during this time of transition, and can advise the best course of action for almost any situation.

In the case of rare possessions, art, collectibles and such this requires not only the knowledge to properly recognize and value these items but also, at times, the connections and relationships to best maximize their value. However, even in the case of sales that do not involve antiques, collectibles and such it is still true that many of the same rules still apply to your possessions, regardless of age or rarity.

Top Flight Service Comes First!

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We seek to find the best value in everything both old and new, in order to maximize the value of your estate. We also take great pride in seeing to making the liquidation of an estate as simple and carefree as possible to the families and individuals involved. From initial sorting and valuation, to staging, to conducting the sale and final accounting we aim to make it easy, effortless and profitable.

Interested? Please give us a call and arrange for a free consultation on your estate sale or liquidation needs.

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